製造業の国内回帰とロボットブームでアメリカの自動化システム業界は活況に沸いている。以前のブログ記事寄稿記事で紹介したA3 (Association for Advancing Automation)などの業界団体がスポンサーのAutomate 2017という展示会が4月にシカゴで開催される。最近の展示会では目玉イベントとなってきたスタートアップのピッチコンペティションがAutomateでも行われる。先日、ファイナリストが出揃ったようなので、少しマニアックだがどういったスタートアップがオートメーションシステムの領域で出てきているか、紹介してみたい。

Andros Robotics

Low cost collaborative robots and commoditizing force control expertise in custom motion system development market.  Robots equipped with CFCM-actuators will have truly collaborative qualities, enabling safety and modes of operation like teach-and-replay, thanks to force feedback and high inherent back-drivability.

Andros Roboticsは力制御により動作の教示と再生機能を備えた協働ロボットを提供するとのこと。ホームページを見る限り、歩行支援のリハビリ器具や力制御用のアクチュエータを手がけている企業なのだが、Launch Pad用に新たなプロダクトが見られるということなのだろうか。


Platform-as-a-Service for industrial workers performing critical but dangerous tasks. The patent-pending Apellix Worker Bee robotics system physically interacts with and modifies its environment to move workers out of harm’s way.

ケーブル付きのドローンとソフトウェアのセットをPlatform as a Serviceとして提供しており、塗装や点検などの高所の作業を代替する。

Augmented Pixels

Localization and mapping technology (SLAM SDK) optimized for low CPU usage. The company works on the development of an advanced platform for autonomous navigation for drones and robots in GPS-denied environments.  It also develops a hardware-optimized solution for indoor navigation for mobile phones and AR/VR glasses with low power consumption.


HEBI Robotics

Modular series elastic actuator designed to function as full-featured robotic components. The modules quickly create custom robots of virtually any configuration from wheeled robots to collaborative robotic arms with multi-degrees of freedom.


Kinema Systems

Addresses the depalletizing problem where boxes are picked off a pallet and placed onto a conveyor. The Kinema Pick product combines a custom 3D/2D sensor with 3D vision, deep learning, and motion-planning software to provide an easily configurable solution for end-customers. By design, the Kinema Pick self-learns and does not require extensive individual training before it can start operating.

このブログでも何度か紹介してきた、倉庫でのパレタイジング業務の自動化を行うソフトウェアを開発するKinema Systems。Willow Garageで動作経路生成のソフトウェアMoveIt!を作っていた研究者が創業

Robotic Materials

Integrated tactile sensing and robotic manipulation. The patent-pending sensors and control system is the first and only effective tactile sensing solution designed to improve and expand collaborative robot applications. The combination of proximity, contact, and force sensing enables robots to accurately identify, grasp, and manipulate previously unknown parts, such as changing CNC parts in a manufacturing environment without expensive reprogramming.


SAKE Robotics

Robotic grippers that are inexpensive, durable, light weight and very capable for use on service robotics. The core technologies include a tendon-based architecture that is low wear, super strong, and very scalable.



A machine-design platform, enabling users to build machines from a web-browser in just a few days. The platform is an “AI-enabled” cloud CAD application that integrates an ever-growing library of industrial “Lego-style” modules. Structural, motion, and control parts are fully compatible with one another, saving time typically wasted in compatibility assessment. Upon design completion, users can purchase their design directly from the 3D interface.


この分野では工場の機械の運用状況を可視化・分析するSystem InsightsSight Machineのようなスタートアップもある。どちらかというとドイツ・日本に遅れを取っていたアメリカだが、それがゆえに日本などでは取り組みづらいスタートアップの参入や企業横断の取り組み・ソリューションによって、新しいオートメーションの在り方が見えてきそうだ。